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Friday, June 11, 2010

Lacy Hopper Allen '06

I always knew that I wanted to attend the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith. When I received the Chancellor’s Leadership Council scholarship in 2002, I knew that I was destined to get my education there. My original plans were to get my degree in biology and go to medical school. Although my love for science did not change, I fell in love with the teaching profession.

I graduated in the fall of 2006 with my degree in middle childhood education. Graduating in the fall gave me a semester to pursue a dream that I had for years. I applied for a College Internship at Disney World and set off on a new journey. It was one of the best experiences that I have ever had and gave me an opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Working for Disney allowed me to learn more about myself and gain an interest in communication and diverse cultures.

Earning my Disney Ears!

When my internship was complete, I moved home and received a position in the Fort Smith School district teaching seventh grade math at Darby Junior High. I have been teaching there for three years now and am currently going to school through Arkansas Tech University to receive my Masters degree in Teaching English as a Second Language. Darby is a very diverse school, and I love the fact that I can apply everything that I am learning into my career everyday.

I also teach for an after school program called Ranger Recon at Darby Junior high. It is an awesome program where our students can learn math, literacy, cooking, karate, art, and much more. Building trust and getting to know my students is very important to me, and I enjoy getting to impact their lives even outside the classroom.

My sister and I

Last June I married my wonderful husband, Jack Allen. We just bought a home in Fort Smith in December and have been having fun remodeling it. In my spare time you can catch me gardening in my yard, visiting my family, or singing along to whatever is playing on the radio. My husband and I also enjoy traveling. We visited Cozumel and Belize last year after our wedding and will be going back to Disney World this June to celebrate our one year anniversary.

Jack and I

I believe that God has prepared me in several ways to live the life that I am now living. All of the training and experiences at UA Fort Smith have helped to mold me into the person I am today. UA Fort Smith’s education program definitely prepared me for this profession and I am thankful for that!

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