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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Emily Hurt Hill '09

So many things have happened since my graduation from the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith in May of 2009. I was one of few students in my class to actually have a job already lined up for me. So, on June 1, I started my first position as a Registered Dental Hygienist, less than a month post-graduation. I would be working four days every week, doing what UAFS had prepared me for.

I was excited and completely nervous when I seated my first “real world” patient that morning, though I was also not surprisingly confident in the skills I learned as a student at UAFS. The Dental Hygiene program is definitely a difficult one, but, looking back, I am so grateful for the discipline it required of me. I use the terms and ideas that I learned as a dental hygiene student with different patients each and every day.

After a few weeks into my career, I took a week to finish final preparations for the biggest day of my life. On July 18, I married my best friend, Drew.

Me and Drew

We dated through college and were very ready to tie the knot once graduation had passed. Now, we live in Lavaca, where we stay very involved in our church. Drew serves as the student pastor there, and in our free time, we love spending time with teenagers from the youth group, and, of course, our friends and family.

After about ten months of marriage, Drew and I were able to build our first home together. What a fun and exciting time! We stayed in the midst of the planning and decision-making for the duration of its construction, and we had such a good time picking out all the little details that made the house so much more “us.” Once settled, it didn’t take us long to realize we were ready to expand our little family. That’s when we brought Mollie home. She’s a long haired miniature daschund, and she is our baby!

She is the sweetest little thing, and we just love her to pieces!

There is no denying the quality of education I received as a student at UA Fort Smith. It has completely prepared me for the career field I chose, and I use what I learned there each and every day. I am so grateful for a university so close to home, and one that allowed me to get the education that was right for me!

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  1. What a great story and cute family...especially Mollie! ;)
    Love you guys!